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Business in France is a new concept of consulting, developped for companies wishing to evaluate, enhance and valorize their business in France by means of an easy, simple and direct link to the French market Business in France will evaluate your chance of success
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After a thorough evaluation, you decide to enter the French market.

You now need to find an importer - or a commercial agent.
May even wish to hire one or more sales representatives.

You search for acquisitions - or decide to create your own French subsidiary.
After some years you notice that the business income is disappointing and does not reach your target.
You think the potential for success is there but you haven't successfully tapped it.

Your salesmen become less motivated.

Your acquired company or your French subsidiary does not
reach the break-even point or achieve budgeted levels.

Your importer or commercial agent is not as proactive as it needs to be, or is focusing on.

It is time to perform a professional diagnosis of the situation and
undertake corrective action, not only regarding your numbers and
profits, but also the human and mentality factors that are in Play.

 All this requires not only technical expertise but extensive
knowledge of the French market structure and mentality

"Business in France" is equipped to help you position your Business in the French Market.

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